JM & Jovani


In life, all things happen for a reason. For JM and Jov they are supposed to get married in 2020 but God has other plan and now God's plan is happening as their daughter is with Jov waiting for JM as she walks down the aisle.

Together with their families and friends here is a glimpse of their love story told frame by frame.

Cha and Francis

Nothing is too difficult in marriage life when it is patterned in the teachings and values of God.

Cha and Francis allow their love story to be orchestrated by God as they decided to stand in front of His altar.

Remsey and Mark

In your arms and by your side I know I can do anything, syempre with the Lord - Remsey

Being in-love will never be enough, because the love that you have for each other will be tested by time, distance, trials and many more. But with God in the center of your relationship rest assured you will be victorious.


Giov and Joy

He's always the one behind the camera, but now he will share the moment to us together with the Joy of his life.

Sa wakas ito na ang simula para kay Giovanni at Adrianne.


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